If I am in a road service area, what can I do to help?

As a resident of the service area:

  • Know your property corners. On one side of the marker is your property. The other side is the public road right-of-way.
  • Do not plant trees, or install anything else that will interfere with road maintenance in the right-of-way. Do not push snow onto the right-of-way, across the street or into the street.
  • If you modify your driveway or have to replace utilities by digging into the right-of-way, contact the Rural Services Division about permit requirements: the permit cost is double if purchased post construction.
  • Keep your driveway culvert clear for spring runoff.
  • To avoid making ruts on a wet gravel road, try not to drive in the same wheel path as the previous drivers.
  • For gravel roads, the faster you drive, the more dust is created. The dust is the fine binding material that keeps the gravel in place.
  • Stay informed: find out who your commissioners are, and attend service area meetings when possible.

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