Do you have your eye on a Borough owned Johnson Road, Salcha 4parcel that you would like to use exclusively for a period of time?

A Lease is an agreement granting exclusive possession or use of borough land for a specific period of time and in accordance with specific terms (FNSBC 20.16.020).

Lease Conditions & Requirements

Leased borough land can be used for recreational, commercial or industrial purposes. Borough properties must be leased at fair market rental value rates unless for a compelling public purpose. Proposed Lessee may be required to survey the leased property at their expense and a property improvement plan that includes a schedule for proposed construction is required.

With few exceptions, all borough land leases are subject to Borough Assembly approval and may be offered competitively if more than one person in the notification area submits a request to lease the property. Click on the link to the Borough code above for specific rules and exemptions, or call our office at: 907-459-1241


Lease Application 

Submit application and fees in person at 907 Terminal Street, 2nd Floor, Fairbanks, AK.

Mail it to:

FNSB-Division Natural Resources Development

P.O. Box 71267
Fairbanks, AK 99707-1267 


Email your application to land@fnsb.gov (Credit card phone payments are accepted)