Get Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) GIS Data

  • FNSBGIS and Taxroll data can be obtained on USB thumb drive or by download (via Dropbox). Indicate your preference on the data acquisition form.
  • Many FNSBGIS layers are available for free to load directly into your GIS software using Web Services.
  • Free Desktop GIS Viewers can view Web Services or downloaded data.

 FNSB GIS Data on USB Drive or by Download

ItemUSB Drive or Download?General PublicNon-Profit/Journalist (1)Public Agency/Education (2)
Imagery - Varied DatasetsEither$250$125No charge
Imagery - 2012 Pictometry MosaicEither$250$125No charge
Imagery - 2017 Pictometry Mosaic (3)Customer Provided Storage*$250$125No charge
Imagery - 2020 Pictometry Mosaic (4)Customer Provided Storage*$250$125No charge
LiDAR - 2010 LAS Point Data Either$250$125No charge
LiDAR - 2017 LAS Point Data (5)Customer Provided Storage*$250$125No charge
Standard GIS Data Package (see Metadata for contents (PDF)Either$150$75No charge

Table Key

  • (1) For use by Non-profit agency or professional journalist
  • (2) For use by Public government agency, or educational institution including teachers, students or staff
  • (3) External storage device requires 300 GB
    • An additional 800 GB is required for the ortho mosaic tiles
  • (4) External storage device requires 400 GB
    • An additional 600 GB is required for the ortho mosaic tiles
  • (5) External storage device requires 4 TB

Instructions for Customer Provided Storage

Option A

Drop off a device meeting capacity requirements at the Fairbanks North Star Borough's security guard desk on the first floor of the building (907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks AK)


  • A label on the device or the device package with the name and contact information
  • A completed Data Acquisition Form (PDF)
  • If a payment is required for data distribution, please call the FNSB Community Planning Department at 907-459-1260 to submit the payment over the phone

Option B

Ship the device (meeting storage requirements), the completed Data Acquisition Form (PDF), the check or money order (if required), and a prepaid return shipping label to:
Fairbanks North Star Borough
Department of Community Planning
907 Terminal Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Copying the Data May Take up to a Week

Due to demand and the size of the data that is being copied to the storage device, it may take a week for data to be copied and ready for pick-up. You will be notified when it is ready for pick-up.

If GIS Data Fee Is Required

  1. Download and print the required Data Acquisition Form (PDF) 
  2. Complete the form
  3. Mail or deliver form, with payment* to address on the form, or you may call 907-459-1260 to make the payment with a credit card.

If GIS Data Fee Is Not Required (Public Agency/Education)

Once the form has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please complete the Data Acquisition Form (PDF)  and mail or deliver form to the address on the form.

Fairbanks North Star Borough GIS Web Services (Free)

Freely add available FNSB GIS layers to your GIS application that are served through the internet. For the complete list of Map, Feature, and Image Services, add the following URLs as ArcGIS Server connections in software compatible with Esri GIS Web Services:

Refer to your software help instructions on how to load web services as layers.

Suggested Free GIS Data Viewers