2017 Air Quality Conference

Home Heating Forum and Expo

The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) Administration invited air quality experts from a variety of government entities and industries to share information on success stories, regulatory issues, new technologies, and health concerns. Review the agenda (PDF) for this conference.

Friday, September 22

Presentation TitlePresenterPresentations
Introduction and Welcome

Karl W. Kassel, Mayor, FNSB

Larry Hartig, Commissioner, AK DEC

FNSB and PM2.5 Overview:  Where are we now, what has been done, how did we get here?

Tom Carlson, Sierra Research

Nick Czarnecki, Air Quality Manager, FNSB

Cindy Heil, AK DEC

Overview One (PDF)

Overview Two (PDF)

Overview Three (PDF)
Cooperative Federalism: Staying the CourseTim Hamlin, Director, Office of Air and Waste, EPA, Region 10Cooperative Federalism: Staying the Course (PDF)
Saturation StudyBarbara Trost, Environmental Program Manager, AK DECSaturation Study (PDF)
Energy Efficient Construction and Air QualityKarl W. Kassel, Mayor, FNSBEnergy Efficient Construction and Air Quality (PDF)
A Community Success StoryAmy Warren, Project Manager, Wood Smoke Reduction Program, Puget Sound Clean AirA Community Success Story (PDF)
Source ApportionmentDeanna Huff, Engineering Associate, AK DECSource Apportionment (PDF)
Exposure to Woodsmoke: A Discussion of the Health Risks and the Burning Practices That Reduce RiskGillian Gawne-Mittelstaedt, MPA, Director, Tribal Healthy Homes Network, Issaquah, WAExposure to Woodsmoke (PDF)
Panel DiscussionDan Brown

Cathy Cahill

Tom Carlson

Nick Czarnecki

Gillian Gawne-Mittelstaedt

Cindy Heil, Glenn Miller

Chris Neufeld

Saturday, September 23

Presentation Title
Introduction and Welcome
Karl W. Kassel, Mayor, FNSB
A Community Success Story
Ben Schmidt, Air Quality Specialist, Missoula, MT Public Health
A Community Success Story (PDF)
Dry Wood Versus Wet Wood, What Works Best?
Kent Severns, The Woodway, Fairbanks, AK
Dry Wood Versus Wet Wood (PDF)
FNSB Wood Stove Change Out Program
Glenn Miller, Director, FNSB Transportation
Wood Stove Change Out Program (PDF)
Home Heating Cost Comparison
Tom Carlson, Sierra Research
Home Heating Cost Comparison (PDF)
To Be Announced (TBA)John Crouch, Director, Public Affairs, Hearth, Patio and BBQ Associates
Woodstove Changeout Programs (PDF)
Masonry Heaters and Proper Fuel
Dan Givens, Stonecastle Masonry, Fairbanks, AK
Masonry Heaters and Proper Fuel (PDF)
Local Air Quality Regulations - How to participate and comply. Stage 1 and 2 restrictions, how to file a complaint, open burning, opacity, PM2.5 crossing property boundaries, and nuisance regulations.
Nick Czarnecki, Air Quality Manager, FNSB
Local Air Quality Regulations (PDF)
Panel Discussion
Nick Czarnecki

John Davies

Tim Hamlin

Kathleen Hook

Denise Koch

North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward